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Oak Tubs/Barrel Planters/Festive Christmas Tree Tubs

09:46 - 1st Nov 2019 - by The Barrel Makers

These recycled half barrel planters are ideal for many purposes especially when christmas is coming up. These planters are pefect for christmas trees as they are very strong and robust. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. A variety of sizes available. We also do the Forest Green stained tubs in 3 different sizes. 

Village Pump Oak Barrel Water features

09:27 - 30th Aug 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
These traditional charming oak barrel water features and water gardens incorporate cast iron pumps. The pump is mounted on half of an oak barrel. Some are available with a rope handled oak bucket that [..]
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Barrel Ends

09:48 - 28th Aug 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Oak Barrel ends are available in a range of diameters and variety of finishes. Each one is individually coopered from oak staves. All hoop iron are nailed in position and the staves are stapled in ord [..]
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Oak Barrels

12:00 - 19th Aug 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Our Oak Barrels are genuine ex-distillery barrels that have been used for the maturing of spirits. Available in different sizes. They are ideal for many purposes including garden and pub tables, decor [..]
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Watertight Tubs/Half-Barrels

11:21 - 12th Aug 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Add that special character to your garden with our water tight half oak barrel tubs. Available in various sizes. These may be used for ponds, water features or still water gardens. Made from genuine h [..]
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Displays Barrels

14:34 - 1st Aug 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
These are a great idea for when your having barbeques, parties, special events and even weddings. Bringing character to any occasions. Can be used indoors or outdoors. We have various different styles [..]
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Oak Barrel Water butts

11:13 - 26th Jul 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Give your garden that little extra touch with these very impressive waterbutts. Made from genuine ex-distillery oak barrels. Easy to install. Our range of waterbutts are available in different sizes a [..]
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Oak Barrel Water Features

10:12 - 23rd Jul 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Why not create the perfect tranquil ambiance in your garden with our charming Oak Barrel Water Features. The natural appearance will look stunning amongst your outdoor greenery. We also supply Water G [..]
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Oak Barrel Waste & Recycling Bins

14:14 - 22nd Jul 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
These charming Barrel Bins are ideal use in a Rustic Enviroment. recycling has become an important part of the community. Been made from Oak these are extremley robust therefore wont blow away on wind [..]
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Cider/Beer Barrels

10:56 - 19th Jul 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Newly Coopered Barrels are available in 5 Litre up to 100 Litres and are barrel shaped or Oval shaped. These are great for storing and aging/maturing quantities of cider, beer or wine. We have new Oak [..]
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