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Oak Tubs/Barrel Planters/Festive Christmas Tree Tubs

09:46 - 1st Nov 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
These recycled half barrel planters are ideal for many purposes especially when christmas is coming up. These planters are pefect for christmas trees as they are very strong and robust. Suitable for i [..]
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Barrel Ends

08:48 - 28th Aug 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Oak Barrel ends are available in a range of diameters and variety of finishes. Each one is individually coopered from oak staves. All hoop iron are nailed in position and the staves are stapled in ord [..]
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Barrel Furniture

11:02 - 18th Jul 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
A quality range of Recycled authentic solid oak Tables that are robust attractive and different. Available in a range of sizes and finishes. Ideal for use in pubs, Resturants, beer festivals or even y [..]
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Festive Christmas tree tubs green stained oak with red hoops

17:58 - 3rd Oct 2012 - by The Barrel Makers
A festive range of christmas tree oak tubs with a green stained finish and red painted hoops,hand made in 3 sizes they,are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use,these tubs are perfect for the chri [..]
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Big Brother House Country and Western Theme- Use origional oak barrels from the barrel makers

16:15 - 17th Jul 2012 - by The Barrel Makers
The Big Brother House creates a country and western theme with genuine old whiskey barrels supplied by the barrel makers,which helps create the atmosphere, choose from our extensive range of over 30 [..]
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