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Oak Barrels

11:00 - 19th Aug 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Our Oak Barrels are genuine ex-distillery barrels that have been used for the maturing of spirits. Available in different sizes. They are ideal for many purposes including garden and pub tables, decor [..]
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Parks and Recreatinal buyers use use oak waste and recycling bins

06:39 - 14th Aug 2012 - by The Barrel Makers
The barrel makers have an excellent range of high quality oak waste and recycling binsfrom70 Litre to 200Litre in capacity.Some have lift off oak lids with rope handles others have a hooded lid wiyh 3 [..]
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Big Brother House Country and Western Theme- Use origional oak barrels from the barrel makers

16:15 - 17th Jul 2012 - by The Barrel Makers
The Big Brother House creates a country and western theme with genuine old whiskey barrels supplied by the barrel makers,which helps create the atmosphere, choose from our extensive range of over 30 [..]
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