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Barrel Furniture

11:02 - 18th Jul 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
A quality range of Recycled authentic solid oak Tables that are robust attractive and different. Available in a range of sizes and finishes. Ideal for use in pubs, Resturants, beer festivals or even y [..]
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Oak Tubs/Barrel Planters

10:15 - 17th Jul 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Why not add a little extra charm to your garden. As plant containers these are both attractive and very robust. Available in two finishes, Natural rustic and dark stained finish. We have a variety of [..]
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30 Gallon Slim Line Rustic Oak Water Butt

08:59 - 16th Jul 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Recycled hand coopered Oak 30 Gallon Slim Line Rustic Oak Waterbutt is avaiable in Rustic Oak or Stained finishes with tap & rainsaver options. They are ideal for smaller gardens or who have limited s [..]
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Barrels fo Pets new product range

07:33 - 28th Feb 2013 - by The Barrel Makers
The barrel makers has launched a new exciting range of oak barrels for pets,these include strong robust barrel dog beds,barrel dog kennels,kitty kennels,also Parrot and Parakett nesting boxs all made [..]
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Festive Christmas tree tubs green stained oak with red hoops

17:58 - 3rd Oct 2012 - by The Barrel Makers
A festive range of christmas tree oak tubs with a green stained finish and red painted hoops,hand made in 3 sizes they,are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use,these tubs are perfect for the chri [..]
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Parks and Recreatinal buyers use use oak waste and recycling bins

06:39 - 14th Aug 2012 - by The Barrel Makers
The barrel makers have an excellent range of high quality oak waste and recycling binsfrom70 Litre to 200Litre in capacity.Some have lift off oak lids with rope handles others have a hooded lid wiyh 3 [..]
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Big Brother House Country and Western Theme- Use origional oak barrels from the barrel makers

16:15 - 17th Jul 2012 - by The Barrel Makers
The Big Brother House creates a country and western theme with genuine old whiskey barrels supplied by the barrel makers,which helps create the atmosphere, choose from our extensive range of over 30 [..]
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West Country Cider makers new and used oak barrels

10:23 - 16th Jul 2012 - by The Barrel Makers
West Country Cider Makers new and used oak barrels.. choose from 5Litre to 100Litre new oak or chestnut casks, freshly emptied 56 Gallon Hogsheads always available fresh from the distillery, good sele [..]
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North East Gardeners buy direct and collect from the barrel makers retail site

17:37 - 2nd Jul 2012 - by The Barrel Makers
North East Gardeners buy and collect from thebarrelmakers Ladypark Team Valley save online delivery charges,full range of oak barrels 4gallon to100 gallon new barrels for wine and cider 5Litre to 10 [..]
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Water butts in Surrey and Sussex save rain and money

20:10 - 26th Jun 2012 - by The Barrel Makers
Water butts in Surrey and Sussex why waite until the next drought buy now save rainwater and money, wooden water butts genuine origional oak whisky barrels full range of options ie lids rainsavers woo [..]
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