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Water Butts in Kent - Fight the Water Shortage

14:54 - 13th Jun 2012 - by The Barrel Makers
Water Butts in Kent help fight the water shortage in south east Englandů so choose from our range of oak barrel water butts online to choose yours. Rainwater from a water butt is better for garden plants than tap water. Made from genuine oak barrels these are available with options including brass taps, cast-iron hand pumps and easy to install drainpipe diverters in three sizes; 40, 56 and 100-gallons. More aesthetically pleasing than plastic butts. Our range of water butts include large oak barrel water butts, rustic oak barrel water butts, stained oak barrel water butts and small barrel water butts. For details of options and prices, please browse through our new website until you find the product you require and then purchase online.