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Oak Barrels

11:00 - 19th Aug 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Our Oak Barrels are genuine ex-distillery barrels that have been used for the maturing of spirits. Available in different sizes. They are ideal for many purposes including garden and pub tables, decor [..]
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Displays Barrels

13:34 - 1st Aug 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
These are a great idea for when your having barbeques, parties, special events and even weddings. Bringing character to any occasions. Can be used indoors or outdoors. We have various different styles [..]
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Oak Barrel Water butts

10:13 - 26th Jul 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Give your garden that little extra touch with these very impressive waterbutts. Made from genuine ex-distillery oak barrels. Easy to install. Our range of waterbutts are available in different sizes a [..]
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Cider/Beer Barrels

09:56 - 19th Jul 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Newly Coopered Barrels are available in 5 Litre up to 100 Litres and are barrel shaped or Oval shaped. These are great for storing and aging/maturing quantities of cider, beer or wine. We have new Oak [..]
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Barrel Furniture

11:02 - 18th Jul 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
A quality range of Recycled authentic solid oak Tables that are robust attractive and different. Available in a range of sizes and finishes. Ideal for use in pubs, Resturants, beer festivals or even y [..]
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