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Village Pump Oak Barrel Water features

09:27 - 30th Aug 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
These traditional charming oak barrel water features and water gardens incorporate cast iron pumps. The pump is mounted on half of an oak barrel. Some are available with a rope handled oak bucket that [..]
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Watertight Tubs/Half-Barrels

11:21 - 12th Aug 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Add that special character to your garden with our water tight half oak barrel tubs. Available in various sizes. These may be used for ponds, water features or still water gardens. Made from genuine h [..]
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Oak Barrel Water Features

10:12 - 23rd Jul 2019 - by The Barrel Makers
Why not create the perfect tranquil ambiance in your garden with our charming Oak Barrel Water Features. The natural appearance will look stunning amongst your outdoor greenery. We also supply Water G [..]
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