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Merry Christmas from everyone at The Barrel Makers


A barrel has a mystique all of its own. Its one of man's most important inventions and coopers have been making them for thousands of years. Each of our casks is an individual that has been hand coopered. Whether they have been wine or beer barrels or are have been specially coopered by ourselves, re-using the original oak materials such that they retain their olden charm. We hope you have great pleasure in browsing through our lovely product ranges.

As featured on TV: This Morning Programme, March 2002. Carol Vorderman's Better Homes, July 2002. Supplied to Big Brother 5, June 2004.

A Selection of Our Latest & Featured Products.

  • 45 Gallon Stained Barrel Water Butts

    45 Gallon Stained Barrel Water Butts

    See all products in Oak Barrel Water Butts.

    Oak barrel water butts combine the charm of a traditional barrel with the advantages of a modern water butt. Those in this section are made from genuine ex-distillery casks with black painted hoops and a stained finish. We also have rustic barrels for those that prefer a natural barrel finish.

    £154.95 inc. V.A.T.

  • Shallow Watertight Barrel Ends

    Shallow Watertight Barrel Ends

    See all products in Watertight Tubs / Half-barrels.

    Watertight half oak barrels that may be used for ponds and water features. Shallow barrel sections are also available. Note: Prices do not include such as pebbles or fountain pump or other items shown in illustration. Requires a liner to stock with fish. NB During hot dry weather watertight tubs must be kept brim full, since evaporation will allow the stave joints to open above the falling waterline resulting in leakage when topped up.

    £39.95 inc. V.A.T.

  • Mexican Hat Water Garden

    Mexican Hat Water Garden

    See all products in Oak Barrel Water Features.

    This feature consists of a small oak vat, fitted with a wooden tap. The small vat rests on a block base inside a larger oak barrel and stands above the water line. Water is pumped from a pond pump submerged in the larger base and is fed up through a hose to the wooden tap. The open topped vat can be filled with soil and planted to provide a beautiful array of colour and water.

    £195.00 inc. V.A.T.

  • Pisces Water Feature Manual

    Pisces Water Feature Manual

    See all products in Water Gardens For Fish.

    £169.00 inc. V.A.T.

  • Tapas Tables & Stools

    Tapas Tables & Stools

    See all products in Water Gardens For Fish.

    The tapas tables and stools have a beautiful highly polished finish. The table's wide polished top makes it ideal for food such as tapas.

    £399.00 inc. V.A.T.

  • 120 Litre Barrel Bin

    120 Litre Barrel Bin

    See all products in Oak Barrel Waste & Recycling Bins.

    This tall thin oak barrel waste bin has an approximate capacity of 120 litres. Being made from oak they are robust ideal for use in a rustic environment. They are also extremely durable and are suitable for outdoor use. Each bin is provided with a lift off lid.

    £129.00 inc. V.A.T.

  • 17" Natural Finish Oak Tubs Half-Barrels

    17" Natural Finish Oak Tubs Half-Barrels

    See all products in Small Oak Tubs Half-barrel Planters.

    Oak tubs are hand coopered from original barrels which have been used by the distilling industry. They therefore retain the charm and individuality of an oak cask. As plant containers they are both attractive and very robust. Available in two finishes, a natural finish and a dark stained finish.

    £36.95 inc. V.A.T.

  • Chestnut 10 litre Barrel Shaped Wine Barrels

    Chestnut 10 litre Barrel Shaped Wine Barrels

    See all products in Wine Barrels / Wine Vats.

    These small, newly coopered barrels are available in sizes from 5 litres up to 20 litres. All sizes are supplied with a stand and a tap as shown in the photograph. They can be easily filled via the wooden bung visible on the top of the barrel.

    £78.99 inc. V.A.T.

  • 28" Half Moon Natural Finish Oak Tubs Barrel Planters

    28" Half Moon Natural Finish Oak Tubs Barrel Planters

    See all products in Half Moon Oak Tubs Barrel Planters.

    These have the same rustic appearance as the original barrels. Since they are made from recycled oak they are extremely durable even without a protective coating.

    £41.95 inc. V.A.T.

  • 7" Wood Tap

    7" Wood Tap

    See all products in Taps.

    £8.99 inc. V.A.T.

  • Wooden Bucket Extended Handles

    Wooden Bucket Extended Handles

    See all products in Wooden Buckets.

    £42.00 inc. V.A.T.

  • Rioja Water Feature

    Rioja Water Feature

    See all products in Wooden Buckets.

    This feature has an oak barrel base in the style of a grape tub with thick hessian rope handles. Another miniature oak barrel sits on a shelf across the top of the grape tub. A submersible pond pump is included to circulate water from the base through two wooden barrel taps fitted on either side of the miniature oak barrel. The small barrel itself does not actually contain water; water for the wooden taps is supplied via piping inside the barrel. It also has an open top and can be filled with soil and planted as shown in the photograph. This most unusual feature is attractive to look at from any side.

    £194.00 inc. V.A.T.