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15 inch (38cm) Rustic Finish Barrel Ends

15 inch (38cm) Rustic Finish Barrel Ends

Price: £34.95 inc. V.A.T.


Product Details

These shallow ends are left in their rustic state as they would have been when they were in original use. The sides of the end have a weathered surface and the hoops are lightly rusted. The end may be plain or for the 23" and larger ends they will most probably be painted with a plain colour and a distillery name.

Approximate End Diameter 15 inch (38cm).

Why not purchase with a fitted wooden tap at the additional cost of £6.00.

Some Optional Extras:



Wooden Taps
Oak barrel butts are also available fitted with wooden barrel taps. Three sizes of tap are available, i.e. 7" (17½cm), 8" (20cm) and 10" (25cm). The larger the tap the greater the flow of water.