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200 Litre Barrel Litter Bin Side Filling With Hood

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Product description

This barrel waste bin has been created from an ex-distillery 45 gallon oak barrel. Being made from recycled oak they are a very robust product and their wooden charm makes ideal for a rustic environment. They are also extremely durable and are suitable for outdoor use,this bin has a lift off oak top 6" (15cm) in depth which forms a weatherproof removable hood, with 3 way side acces for easy filling from all sides,also a large bin liner may be used with this waste bin.

Approximate dimensions:

Overall height: 36" (90cm).
Width at middle: 25" (62cm).
Depth of barrel bin base 24"(60cm)

Capacity of bin base approx 130litres

Please note all dimensions and capacities are approximate since barrels are individual and differ slightly in dimensions.

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All of our barrels are recycled and made from sustainable materials - recycling today for a greener tomorrow!