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22 Gallon Chestnut Barrel Water Butts

22 Gallon Chestnut Barrel Water Butts

Price: £119.99 inc. V.A.T.


Product Details

Small oak barrel water butts are both decorative and practical. They can be used in the garden where there is not sufficient space for a larger container. They can be purchased with a wooden barrel tap and an easy to install drainpipe diverter option.

Small Barrel Water Butt Barrel Size:
22 gallons - Approximate capacity 22 gallons (100 litres). Approximate height: 32" (81 cm). Approximate diameter at middle 19" (48cm) and Diameter at end 16" (41cm).

Some Optional Extras:



Wooden Taps
Oak barrel butts are also available fitted with wooden barrel taps. Three sizes of tap are available, i.e. 7" (17½cm), 8" (20cm) and 10" (25cm). The larger the tap the greater the flow of water.




Rainsaver Diverters
Easy way to connect your water butt to a downpipe. This device diverts water from the downpipe to the water butt until the water butt is full. Any further water passes straight down the downpipe. No need for notches or lids. Fits both standard 68mm diameter round and 65mm square section drainpipe. It is however possible to fit diverters to pipes up to 81mm in diameter by using a large drainpipe adaptor. Water from your drainpipe collects inside a well in the rainsaver and flows to your water butt through the flexible hose. When the water level in the butt reaches the same level as the top of the rainsaver's well any further rainwater flows down the remainder of the downpipe. These Rainsavers are a convenient way to connect your water butt to a downpipe and fills your barrel and also acts as an overflow. To fit the rainsaver simply find the height you need to fit the saver at (approx. midway between the water butt hose entry and the top of the water butt), cut a 30mm section out of the drainpipe and slot the drainpipe back together using the rainsaver as the connector. Attach the flexible hose to the water butt to complete the installation.