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Barrel Kingfisher Tap Spitter and Rustic Tub

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Product description

This Shallow barrel end spitter water feature may be used to hang on a garden wall or fence,it is a ready to go feature and is so easy to install to create a stunning water feature in your garden. The shallow barrel is fitted with an ornate solid brass verdigree green Kingfisher tap from which the water runs out, the feature comes with 1.5 metres of 13mm flexi hose which links to the oak tub reservoir which holds approx 120Litres of water,the water is pumped from the reservoir tub through the spitter tap with a 1000 LPH pond pump which is included . The barrels are supplied in a rustic oak finish with black painted metal hoops.

Please refer to barrel maintenance for more information.

Approximate dimensions

Flat end diameter 18" (45cm)

Barrel End depth 7" (17.5cm)

Tub Reservoir diameter 28" (70cm)

Tub Depth  19" (47.5cm)


All of our barrels are recycled and made from sustainable materials - recycling today for a greener tomorrow!