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Craft Brewers 56 Gallon Whisky Barrel

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Product description

These high quality 56 gallon hogsheads are genuine ex-distillery oak casks which have been previously used for maturing the finest Scotch Whisky.

When you age beer in a whisky barrel the beer takes on the flavours and aromas of the spirit itself as well as wonderful woody over tones from the barrel whilst increasing the alcohol content of the beer,since up to a gallon of spirit can be held with in the barrel wood.

Generally a whisky barrel is ideal for producing darker richer beers such as stouts, porter and brown ales, alternatively wine may also be produced in a well aged whisky barrel.

Wine, Whisky and Beer masters have been using whisky barrels to add flavour to their spirits for centuries, its deep in our history so you too can enjoy and expiriment and elevate your next batch to a whole new level.

Approx capacity 56 gallons (230Litres)  Approx 39" 997cm) high, approx middle diameter 28" (70cm)

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All of our barrels are recycled and made from sustainable materials - recycling today for a greener tomorrow!