Please ensure the size you choose is not too large for your access before ordering.

French Wine Oak Barrel Water Butt - 250 Litres


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Optional Extras

Product description

These charming high quality used 250L French Wine Barrel were previously used for maturing wine and spirits in the cellars of Chateaus in the Bordeaux region of France. Water butts may be supplied with one loose end that can be lifted off to allow access to the cask or they can be supplied with a cast-iron lift pump or a tap to allow water to be drawn from the barrel without removing the end. Our water butts present a practical natural recycled product with an ultra low carbon foot print and are an attractive means of collecting rainwater for the garden. All barrel dimensions and capacities are approximate.


Best quality stock - Oak barrels are highly durable and the barrelmakers only use best quality barrel stock. We do not use surface coatings to cover deterioration on poor quality casks.

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Please refer to barrel maintenance for more information.

Water Butt Barrel Sizes:
Approximate capacity: 250 Litres(56 gallon). Approximate height: 39" (98 cm) high. Approximate diameter at middle: 28" (70cm) to 29" (73cm)

Please ensure the size you choose is not too large for your access before ordering.

Please note that delivery charges will apply if barrels are returned because they are too large.


Some Optional Extras:


Brass Taps
Rainwater barrels have the option of having a brass tap fitted near the bottom of the barrel. Brass taps are available in three different styles. The frog tap version includes a screw-on hose-tail to which a length of garden hose may be attached.





Wooden Taps
Oak barrel butts are also available fitted with wooden barrel taps. Three sizes of tap are available, i.e. 7" (17½cm), 8" (20cm) and 10" (25cm). The larger the tap the greater the flow of water.




 Rainwater Barrel Lids
Water butts can have either a loose lift-off lid or a fixed non-removable end. Either may be notched to allow entry of a drainpipe. Fixed ends are a safer option for children. We recommend fixed ends because they restrict air flow into the barrel and also trap moist air inside the barrel. This is beneficial for the barrel during hot, dry weather conditions. Reduced air flow also reduces the possibility of stagnant water effects.



Rainsaver Diverters
Easy way to connect your water butt to a downpipe. This device diverts water from the downpipe to the water butt until the water butt is full. Any further water passes straight down the downpipe. No need for notches or lids. Fits both standard 68mm diameter round and 65mm square section drainpipe. It is however possible to fit diverters to pipes up to 81mm in diameter by using a large drainpipe adaptor. Water from your drainpipe collects inside a well in the rainsaver and flows to your water butt through the flexible hose. When the water level in the butt reaches the same level as the top of the rainsaver's well any further rainwater flows down the remainder of the downpipe. These Rainsavers are a convenient way to connect your water butt to a downpipe and fills your barrel and also acts as an overflow. To fit the rainsaver simply find the height you need to fit the saver at (approx. midway between the water butt hose entry and the top of the water butt), cut a 30mm section out of the drainpipe and slot the drainpipe back together using the rainsaver as the connector. Attach the flexible hose to the water butt to complete the installation.


Water Butt Stands
Use a stand to lift the barrel off the ground increasing the clearance from the tap to the ground by an additional 4". This makes it sufficient for most buckets and watering cans. Our stands are made from pressure treated timber for long life. Water butt stands are 4" high and are made from pressure treated timber for long life. These attractive additions serve to lift the barrel off the ground allowing air to circulate under the barrel. They also increase the clearance between the tap and the ground by 4" making it possible to get larger watering cans and buckets under the tap.

If you are purchasing a rainsaver and require an adaptor for oversized drainpipes then please check to include a large pipe adaptor.


All of our barrels are recycled and made from sustainable materials - recycling today for a greener tomorrow!