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Half French Oak Wine Barrel Tub Planter - 28" Diameter

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These charming Half French Wine Barrel Oak Tub Planters are made from genuine high quality recently emptied recycled 225L French Wine Barrels . These French wine casks were previously used to mature red wine in the cellars of world famous Chateaus in the Bordeaux region of France. Our natural tub planters retain the charm and individuality of the original oak cask, each has a unique history and story to tell. Highly skilled coopers have transformed seasoned oak from trees grown in specific regions and soils with the utmost attention to every detail to make these very expensive casks which were fit to mature the best grapes and produce the finest wines in France. As plant containers they are both attractive and very robust, which will give enjoyment in your garden for many years to come, they have a natural white oak finish and galvanised hoop iron. Please note that all dimensions are approximate only and may vary from planter to planter because of their individual nature. Dimensions Diameter: 28" to 30"or 70cm to 75cm Height: 19" or 48cm Weight: 25kg Delivery 3 to 5 days

All of our barrels are recycled and made from sustainable materials - recycling today for a greener tomorrow!