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Product description

This beautifully recycled ex distillery 100 gallon oak Butt can be used to make a fabulous outdoor barrel Ice bath / plunge pool with liitle effort.
Oak barrels are ideal for cold water immersion therapy at home.,after exercise  allowing muscles to recover quicker easing aches and pains as well as benefiting the immune system and well being.
These oak Butts 450L are a slightly narrower and taller cask than our Oak Puncheons 500L which are a wider and shorter cask.
This is a natural eco friendly product which is completely free from plastic having a low carbon foot print too.
NB Our casks are supplied in a rustic oak finish with all of their hoops nailed on to prevent slippage during hot weather.
Both ends are fixed , so if you require the end removed please select a lift off lid option.
Also a brass drainage tap can fitted complete with a garden hose union, please select this option from the drop down menu.
Approx Height 50" (125cm) Mid Diameter 36" (90cm)
Capacity approx. 450Litres
Delivery 5 to 7 working days

All of our barrels are recycled and made from sustainable materials - recycling today for a greener tomorrow!