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Rioja Water Feature

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Product description

This feature has an oak barrel base in the style of a grape tub with thick hessian rope handles. Another miniature oak barrel sits on a shelf across the top of the grape tub. A submersible pond pump is included to circulate water from the base through two wooden barrel taps fitted on either side of the miniature oak barrel. The small barrel itself does not actually contain water; water for the wooden taps is supplied via piping inside the barrel. It also has an open top and can be filled with soil and planted as shown in the photograph. This most unusual feature is attractive to look at from any side.

This water feature is supplied complete with an electric pond pump.

The Rioja has two 7-inch wooden taps, one fitted on each side of the small barrel.

The feature may be enhanced by the use of plants etc. Please note that the plants, stones and other decorative items shown in the photographs are not included with our water gardens.

The Rioja has two thick hessian rope handles. The grape basket base is similar to those used in the vineyards of Southern Europe.

Approximate height: 33" (83cm).
Approximate width: 28" (70cm).

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All of our barrels are recycled and made from sustainable materials - recycling today for a greener tomorrow!