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Shallow Half Oak Barrel Duck Pond

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Why not let your ducks Splash down! in one of our genuine recycled Shallow Half Oak Barrel Duck Ponds. Ducks love water! there aren't to many duck keeper's who are lucky enough to have their own lake or even a pond, so they have to be creative to give their ducks access to water. Ducks don't actually require as much water as people would think eg Indian Runner ducks are perfectly happy with a bucket to dunk their heads in, therefor you don't need to install a large pond to keep your ducks happy and healthy. These large watertight shallow half oak barrels may also be used for still water gardens,ponds and water features. NB for use with fish stock we recommend lining the tub with pond liner in order to maintain water quality. Shallow Oak Barrel Duck Pond Features 100% natural product Easy to clean out and move to a new location if the ground becomes waterlogged. Remember to give your ducks steps or a ramp to get into the pond Dimensions approximate: Base W 30" 75cm H 12" 30cm Top D36" 90cm Finish: Rustic oak NB Water plants and stones are not included in the price.

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