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Small Picher Pump Barrel - 100L


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This charming high quality newly coopered oak barrel is approx. 100L in capacity, being fairly small it will fit neatly onto a pavement, patio, deck or small space in your garden. This new oak barrel has been fitted with a small working cast iron American styled Pitcher hand pump to draw water from the water butt. Product Features Material: Oak Hoops: 6 galvanised metal hoops. Approximate height: 32.5" (82cm). Approximate width middle 20" (50cm) Head diameter 16.5" (41cm) Capacity: 100L approx. Pitcher Pump H39cm Pump barrels have a notched top, i.e. an entry hole located behind the pump at the back of the barrel to allow filling from a drainpipe. They can also be supplied with a rainsaver diverter which will fit both round and square down pipes. The village pumps are operated by cranking the handle to draw water from the barrel

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