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Tall Pump Water Garden

Tall Pump Water Garden

Price: £350.00 inc. V.A.T.

Product Details

 This feature consists of shallow barrel base approximately 36" (90cm) wide and 13" (33cm) deep fitted with a wooden plinth which supports an extended cast-iron village pump. A wooden bucket hangs from the spout of the pump. An electric pond pump is incorporated to circulate the water from the base to the village pump. Water from the spout of the pump cascades down through the bucket and back to the base.

The photograph to the left shows a close-up of water cascading through the oak bucket, which hangs from the spout of the feature's cast-iron pump.

Please note that the plants, stones and other decorative items shown in the photographs are not included with our water gardens.

Approximate height: 70" (175cm).
Approximate width: 36" (90cm).