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Whisky Barrel Chair Rustic - Small


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Product description

This charming rustic small Whisky Barrel Chair is made from an original oak 45 gallon bourbon cask which is cut away forming a high back rest, we use an original oak barrel head for a traditional authentic seat. Our quality bourbon casks were previously used to mature bourbon in America after which aging grain whiskies in Scotland, then at the end of their useful life recycled in our cooperage into eye catching barrel furniture. These barrel chairs may be used both outdoors or indoors they are ideal for use in Wine bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. Supplied in a natural finish with rustic hoop iron, all hoop iron is nailed in position, the staves are stapled in order to with stand shrinkage in warm, dry environments. All dimensions are approximate since each barrel has been individually coopered. Product Features Material: Oak Finish: Rustic oak Hoops: Metal hoops. Height: 33" (82.5cm) Base: D 22" (55cm) Weight: 30kg

All of our barrels are recycled and made from sustainable materials - recycling today for a greener tomorrow!