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Wooden Apple Fruit Press 18L

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Product description

This traditional vintage spindle fruit press has an oak pressing cage held by enamelled coated steel rings, a pressed steel base plate with a forged lip for easy juice extraction. How to Operate. Place your pre pulped fruit into the wooden cage Place the pressing plate on top Stack up the hardwood packing blocks on top of the plate Wind down the pressing mechanism onto the blocks to press the fruit squeezing out the maximum yield of juice Do not hurry pressing since a slow press will yield more valuable juice Apples can be pressed dry in one pressing,however Grapes can be pressed twice. As a rule of thumb 2 lbs of apples will produce approx. 1 pint of wonderful juice. Delivery includes: 2x free coarse mesh filter bags for use with grapes and 2x fine mesh filter bags for use with apples. Dimensions approx. 65cm x 37cm x 77cm Price is for press only

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