Oak Barrels & Water Butts

Oak Barrels & Water Butts

22 Gallon Chestnut Barrel Water Butts - OUT OF STOCK

Small oak barrel water butts are both decorative and practic...
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30 Gallon Pitcher Pump Barrel - OUT OF STOCK

This pitcher pump barrel is approx 30 Gallon capacity,it is ...
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40 Gallon Pump Barrel

From £208.00 (inc. VAT)

56 Gallon Pump Barrel

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100 Gallon Pump Barrel

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Small Picher Pump Barrel - 100L

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40 Gallon Large Oak Barrels

Our large oak barrels are genuine ex-distillery oak barrels ...
£132.00 (inc. VAT)

56 Gallon Large Oak Barrels

Our large oak barrels are genuine ex-distillery oak barrels ...
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100 Gallon Large Oak Barrels

Our large oak barrels are genuine ex-distillery oak barrels ...
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Oak Barrels & Water Butts

Rainwater can easily be collected in a water butt and is better for garden plants than tap water. When installed using a drainpipe diverter they require little maintenance. With the use of a diverter water from a drainpipe is diverted into the butt until it is full. Once it is full any further water is directed down the drainpipe to the ground drain. Using a combination of products it is possible to collect and store hundreds of gallons of rainwater, which can prove valuable for your garden during dry summer months.

Made from genuine oak barrels these are available with options including brass taps, cast-iron hand pumps and easy to install drainpipe diverters. Available in three sizes; 40, 56 and 100-gallons, they can be more aesthetically pleasing than their plastic equivalent.

Having being in the barrel business for 20 years we can bring you best quality stock at very competitive prices. Our large barrel water butts are made in our own factory; we are not just a mail order company.

Large Oak Barrel Water Butts
Thetare available in nominal 45 gallon, 56 gallon and 100 gallon sizes. The smallest size is approximately 35" (88 cm) high and 24" (60cm) in diameter. They are available with tap and rain diverter options and can also be purchased with a cast iron hand-cranked pump fitted.

They are available in rustic and stained finishes:

Rustic Oak Barrel Water Butts
Oak barrels are very durable and a surface coating does little to prolong their life. For those that prefer the rustic look these barrels have been left in their rustic condition; they have not had any stain or surface covering applied. Since a surface coating can be used to hide a poor quality cask these barrels show the high quality of our barrel stock.
Price from £95.00

Stained Oak Barrel Water Butts
These are from the same high quality stock as our rustic water butts but they have a stained finish with black painted hoops for those who prefer a more refined finish.
Price from £114.00

Small Barrel Water Butts
These are available in nominal 11 gallon (50 litre) and 22 gallon (100 litre) sizes and can be used where a decorative water butt is required in a restricted space. They are newly coopered from oak and finished with a dark wood stain.
Price from £84.00

All of our barrels are recycled and made from sustainable materials - recycling today for a greener tomorrow!